Henry Aiden

Writer & Editor

A brilliant writer who knows how to make difficult things easy to understand. He's like a wizard with words, especially when it comes to school stuff and online marketing. Henry has been playing with words for a long time and is super good at it.

No matter what he writes about, he always follows the rules and makes tricky ideas simple for everyone to understand. Henry loves getting into big research projects and then explaining them in a way that anyone can understand. When he writes about school things, it becomes interesting and not boring at all.


Research Writing, Digital Marketing, and Copywriting.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Linguistics, Pittsburgh University Master's Degree in Mass Communication, Duquesne University

Written Articles

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2024-03-01 Last-Mod: 2024-03-01
How does word choice improve writing in English

Using the right words that clearly describe ideas makes writing better. Choosing words carefully helps everyone understand and makes the writing more powerful.

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2024-03-01 Last-Mod: 2024-03-01
How to Improve Writing Skills In English For Students

Tips for students to improve their English writing skills through reviewing grammar, reading more, organizing writing, practicing regularly, and learning common fixes.